Bond, Casino's & Vegas Theme Nights

Bond Look A Likes

Give your guests a real night to remember. Add the real glitz, glamour and thrills by having your own Bond characters Meet and greet at your reception, a choice of security guards with metal detectors on the door, and the best Bond baddie "Jaws" at over 7 foot tall, to dissuade any gate crashers! A choice of James Bond lookalikes,from Daniel Craig, Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry for a glam Bond girl, Agent "Q" to make any announcements in character; and Odd Job complete with a steel rimmed hat. Plenty of photo opportunities as they mix and mingle around the dining tables, all in character.

Agent "Q" Lookalike

Ideal for any announcements, M/C. or gadget related work, or having a pop at James Bond! Edmond is a trained toastmaster, and experienced lookalike / actor with over 15 years professional experience, working in 14 different countries from the Middle East The USA, and Europe, and would make an ideal link for corporate events, or mixing and mingling with your guests.

"Jaws" Lookalike

Steel-toothed henchman Jaws has been named the overall favourite character in a James Bond film in a new poll from Hmv and social networking sites.

We all have our favourite Bond characters, but you can see why so
many of us go for Jaws, said HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo.

Aside from his incredible physical presence, he's got a great
name and gimmick, and his stainless steel teeth are so wonderfully
villainous. Ultimately, however, I think we like him because in the end he turns good-guy.

Standing over seven foot tall, and solid stainless steel teeth, and a
broad chest, Edmond is "Jaws" personified! Ideal for checking guests at reception, or perhaps going for a "light bite" around the tables!

Daniel Craig Lookalike

Bond is back with Daniel Craig as the new star! Casino Royale turned
out to be an international box office hit and Quantum of Solace continues to make the series of Bond films a worldwide phenomenon.

Steve Wright is the only Daniel Craig look alike to have not only met Mr Craig while filming at Pinewood Studios but he also appears in the latest Bond film Quantum of Solace.

Sean Connery Lookalike

Donald Standen - He's the man.... The only young Sean Connery lookalike in the UK. When Mr Connery saw your picture he wanted you for the job.

Pierce Brosnan Lookalike

Douglas James - Ideal Pierce Brosnan lookalike and impersonator. A
wealth of experience in this role, with bookings all round the world.
Douglas James is proficient at abseiling, skydiving, scuba diving, skiing, stunt driving techniques, stunt piloting powerboats and is an accomplished horseman. For authentic props, a choice of Walther P99 to his Aston Martin DB5, BMW Z3 or BMW R1200C motorbike, even a Lotus Esprit. For the premiere of Goldeneye Mr James was seen driving a T55 Tank around Trafalgar Square, London.

Halle Berry Lookalike

Kelly Berry is Halle Berry. If looks could kill, they probably will!Dressed to thrill, to add a touch of glamour to any event. The photo is of her meeting and greeting at the Carlton International hotel in Cannes, working with Agent "Q" (Ed Wells) and Odd job (Ian Uchong).

Odd Job Lookalike

Ian Uchong is Odd job! Same looks, build and stature. Great attention to detail, and good all round acting experience around the world in this role. Satisfied clients include: Harrods, Hamleys, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Corgi Classics, CIS, Schroeder leasing, Nortel, Credit Suisse, Motorola, Epson, BMW and many others. Practiced in stage sword fighting, Weightlifting, wrestling, firearms trained, Motorcycle Driving, Sailing, and Archery,

If it has been seen in a Bond movie, we can recreate it for you!

Basic Bond Scenario

Character List Costume
Bond Tuxedo etc
Dr Evil (generic name ) Long black coat, dark glasses etc
PVC Pet Black figure hugging
PVC body suit
SAS Full C.R.W. siege kit, flak jackets etc
Spectre Agents Full flektern pattern camo and webbing or orange suits etc.

Please note we have full public liability insurance (copies available
upon request) and that all SAS staff are fully trained and experienced stunt performers. We have been in business for almost 20 years and have performed hundreds of Bond style stunts both in the U.K. and abroad. The use of pyrotechnics is strictly limited to non- license blank firing guns and all our staff are fully trained in their professional use. Characters costumes can be adjusted to meet client requirements should this prove necessary.


At the start of the evening the guests are met by two SAS security guards dressed in black siege gear, checking names etc. They have a multitude of security equipment ranging from real body scanners to MP5 machine guns. They occasionally use personal radio comms and check people's credentials with company staff if required or they can be purely visual with no interaction with the guests. This introduces the guests to the feel of the event and gets them firmly into the Bondesque theme.

Main Event

Perhaps during the MDs speech there is a disturbance off stage, an approaching helicopter is heard, which hovers overhead briefly and is then followed by an audio explosion, security breach sirens go off. Suddenly, masked Spectre agents burst into the room and immediately take control. After securing the room, they inform their HQ that all is prepared and Dr Evil enters to his theme tune. Dr Evil slowly walks past the guests with an occasional sinister glance towards various tables. He takes the stage and is just starting his dialogue when, a disturbance is seen/heard at the far end of the room. A black clad SAS commando enters the room and immediately engages the Spectre agents in a fire-fight, which is only stopped when Dr Evil threatens to shoot into the audience and the SAS commando gives up. After a brief verbal interaction between Dr Evil and the SAS trooper, he is grabbed by the two henchmen, and a fast and furious SAS verses Spectre agents fight breaks out, with plenty of martial arts style fighting, flips and kicks etc. The Spectre agents are outclassed by the cream of the British army. The SAS attempt to get to Dr Evil on stage, but gets shot, but not killed, by the evil villain on approach.

Dr Evil is unhappy with this result and so with a click of his fingers, he calls for his Pet, a shapely PVC suited brunette, who walks provocatively through the audience to the sound of her own music. After eyeing up the SAS agent, she then engages him in a fight, and after a series of stunning moves, he is left at her mercy.

Dr. Evil then explains why they are there and launches into a speech which has been especially written for the client company. This will involve many references to the company, its products, its personnel and its rivals, but will usually refer to one key person who has in someway refused to bow to the demands of Dr Evil. Due to this refusal the command is given to waste him. This is the cue for the entrance of Mr Bond, the Bond theme music is heard and Bond appears in a spotlight (freeze frame for a second) and then engages the Spectre agents in a stunning fire-fight and perhaps a fist fight, ending in all but Dr Evil and his pet dead.

Dr Evil grabs the key person and attempts to leave with him, but he
breaks free leaving a clear shot for Bond who kills the Spectre leader with a single shot. The PVC girl now tries to seduce Bond who responds in an embrace that results with her being cleverly handcuffed and led away. Bond then introduces himself, declares that usually it's for Queen and country but tonight it was for the client company.

End (NB. We do supply sound effects in the form of C.D. or mini disc and will liaise with your sound crew to ensure cues etc.)

The price guide is for UK based venues and inclusive of costume changes, ammo & breakaway effects, risk assessment & method statement, script writing & adjusting, for the basic package of one character, packages for more Bond Characters or the addition of Casino Tables are available on request.

Price Guide

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Previous Clients

  • Harrods
  • Hamleys
  • Rolls Royce
  • Aston Martin
  • Corgi Classics
  • Cis
  • Schroeder Leasing
  • Nortel
  • Credit Suisse
  • Motorola
  • Epson
  • Bmw
  • And Many More!


When Steve Wright attends an event not only does he bring the cold calculating looks that have made him the most sought after Daniel Craig look-alike there is, but also a charming personality who entertains clients and guests from all walks of life. Steve attended our photo shoot for the promotion of our Ferraris and aircraft as Daniel Craig. He was very professional and when in character a great impersonation, his work has proven to be a big
asset in uplifting the profile of our products and services. I would
recommend that anyone looking for a Bond contact Steve ASAP before the word gets out!
- Tim Harrold - Company Director - Edge Charter

Onscreen and off your image of a young Sean Connery was spot on. Thank you, a great job. Well done.
- Gianni Ruggiero, Director (Dewers Whiskey)

Thank you for a splendid job Mr Bond. Just the right amount of
innuendo & charm. You had the ladies eating out of your hands. Mike Bonner, Organiser (MASQUERADE) As always, very reliable & professional. Thanks for a great job.
- Adrian Silas, Director (HILTON

The oneliners were fantastic, the women loved you. How do you
get away with it Mr Bond?
- John Lambert, Director (TOYOTA CARS SAUDI

The ultimate The ultimate James Bond in looks & charm. Look
forward to working with you again soon.
- Mark Kempner (TRUE VIEW

Another mission completed Mr Bond. Thank you from a grateful client.
- Zap, Director

Your pictures do not do you justice. Bigger & better in the flesh, a wow with the ladies.
- Blanch Zaph, Director (STANLEY CASINOS)

The prefect compliment to a casino evening. No one does it better. Great job. John Dexter, Director,

You were an ultimate professional & you were the perfect icing on the cake. Emma (UNILEVER) Dear Donald.

Thank you sincerely for your performance as James Bond at Unilever in May. Together with the Bond girl & Gadget Man, the event was a great success. The positive feed-back we have had from our client will
ensure many more future events for both of us! Thank you again for
your high level of professionalism, & hard work, & I look forward to
working with you again soon,
- Greg Johnson, Director, (VISION PROMOTIONS)