Stage hypnotists mix comedy with amazing feats of mind control for a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Please note that most hypnotists require their participants to be 18 or over.

Alan Bates Comedy Hypnotist

Hypnotist: Alan Bates Comedy Hypnotist
Comedy Hypnotist By Royal Appointment

Based on the Wirral, Cheshire, Alan has been performing Hypnosis shows for over twenty years. Alan first found work as a DJ / Presenter in the UK then went to work in the United States for three years cruising the Caribbean in the capacity...

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Ian Dee

Hypnotist: Ian Dee
Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Ian Dee has been performing stage hypnosis throughout the UK and Europe for the past 17 years, developing one of the most sought after one-man shows today. His performances are unique, hilarious, enlightening and always tasteful; earning...

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Martyn Williams (Hypnoman)

Hypnotist: Martyn Williams (Hypnoman)
Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist

Martyn Williams has been a professional Comedy Hypnotist for over 30 years, he started his career as a stand up comedian where he learnt his great comic timing. With this experience he delivers one of the smoothest and most electrifying...

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Rod Stevens

Hypnotist: Rod Stevens
Top UK Comedy Hypnotist

Welcome to the amazing world of Rod Stevens, possibly the UK's number 1 Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Rod Steven's Hypnotic shows are hilarious and Rod's trance inductions are very fast. This hypnosis comedy show is the best around being clean...

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