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Welcome, Possums!

You lucky darlings, youve found "The Untamed Edna Experience!".

Dame Edna Everage is, of course, the worlds greatest Gigastar - a woman of unparalleled talents and gifts. Shes a humanitarian, a guru, a healer, fashion icon, an international phenomenon, and of course, an Australian housewife and mother.

Simon Whitehouse is the comic actor behind this hilarious impersonation, providing you with an incredible look-a-like / sound-a-like tribute to Dame Edna for any occasion.

Are you:

* Looking at your guest list and wondering "Who are these non-entities?"
* Bored with the old boardroom routine?
* Thinking the wedding speeches might make the guests want to take back the gifts?

Then why not invite "The Untamed Edna Experience" for some gorgeous caring and sharing at any of these otherwise dull dates on your calendar:

* Anniversaries to Annulments
* Birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs
* Christmas to Christenings
* Weddings to Wakes
* Any other corporate or private event, meeting, or party needing a dash of delicious delight!

Quicksticks, Possums - get in touch! Simon's Dame Edna is so close to the real thing, it's spooky!

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Previous Clients and Venues

  • Bbc London Television Centre
  • Flight Centres Uk
  • Tnt Magazine
  • John Lewis
  • Kuoni
  • The Sunday Mirror
  • Itv
  • Pfizer
  • Thomas Cook Tours
  • Sandown Racecourse
  • And Many More!


Imagine a mega celebrity flying all the way from Australia to be at your wedding! The room is dazzled with sequins and gladioli, whilst your guests are roaring with laughter at Edna's quickfire wit and humour. Our wedding was truly memorable for many reasons. Edna surely has to take the crowning glory though, for making it the most special occasion we could ever have hoped for. Be dazzled and have your day lit up too, she's worth every last sequin.
- Cathy Hayes, Bride, Norwich

The Untamed Edna Experience proved to be an absolutely perfect addition to our re-launch party. Guests were thrilled and surprised when our mystery VIP turned out to be 'Dame Edna'! From the very start, the professionalism of 'The Untamed Edna Experience' was fantastic and created so much peace of mind for an event organiser. Simon adapted his performance to launch our new look magazine just perfectly. All involved felt 'Dame Edna' definitely exceeded all expectations and really topped off our event! I would highly recommend 'The Untamed Edna Experience' to anyone wishing to add a bit of spark to their event.
- Nicole Bray, TNT Magazine, Events Marketing Executive

"Having graced a private dinner party which we held for top clients with style, glamour and above all wit, the Untamed Dame Edna turned an otherwise ordinary dinner party into a glittering evening! We and our guests (who have been sending us enthusiastic e-mails of gratitude this morning) enjoyed ourselves enormously and would like to thank Simon for turning our party into a mega-event! The Untamed Dame Edna is an indefatigable 'mingler', everyone enjoyed themselves hugely and our event was one of the most successful yet. It is extraordinary what a difference an Australian housewife/megastar can make!!"
- Carl Cullingford - Managing Director IGP Media Ltd.

"Our work leaving party went down a storm when Edna turned up to give the speech. Her ad-libbing was right on the money and her comic timing was second to none. She moved the whole party up a gear and got everybody laughing. Everyone had a marvellous time and has been talking about Edna ever since - she's made herself some 'Possums for life'!"
- Susie Boniface, The Sunday Mirror

"My bride and I were thrilled with Edna, and it definitely made our day more special and memorable to have her there! The professionalism shone through from Edna's entrance to departure. The accent, style and mannerisms were spot on, and the Aussie contingent (being very familiar with Barry H) were extremely impressed with the performance, along with every other guest in attendance. I'll have absolutely no second thoughts about recommending Edna to my friends for any type of function, as clearly her adaptability to gauge the 'mood' and tailor effectively to fit the situation (a difficult and acquired skill) was evident throughout. Superb!"
- Amy and Andy Cairns, Bride and Bridegroom - London

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you so much for helping me organise last night. Simon (or rather Dame Edna) was just fantastic - she just made the evening so fun for everyone! The entertainment she provides is hilarious, and we are all still in stitches with laughter today... I love the fact that she stays in character all the time (which is very professionally done) and also mingles and chats with everyone. She is a real sport! You really did us proud, and I'm so pleased we used you, as Simon is by far the best Dame Edna I can see around. I will definitely be recommending "The Untamed Dame Edna Experience" to my friends and colleagues.... she gave us such a memorable evening. Brilliant!"
- Lisa Baker, Deutsche Bank - Global Markets Equity

"A massive thank you! One of the first things we wanted to do was thank you so much for being such a fantastic part of our wedding day. Dame Edna looked absolutely stunning as always and her act was just spot on. Everybody thought she was adorably funny and her presence truly contributed to making our wedding the perfect day. Greg and I wish you every success in the future. We will of course be recommending you to all our friends getting married in the future and otherwise!"
- Hannah and Greg Cole, Bride and Groom - London

"Thanks for a dramatic evening! I had so many congratulations about Dame Edna. A phenomenal performance! Many thanks - you're a real Megastar!"
- Joanna Gallop, British Dental Association

"Just had to thank you both for a spectacular evening on Saturday. Aside from Edna fitting into the whole feel of the evening, I think your professionalism in the planning and organisation were exemplary. And given the business we ourselves are in, we fully understand and appreciate this. I'm sure you add value to any event you are involved with - you certainly added to ours! Many thanks, once again!"
- Neil & Michele Roe, Herriots Hotel - Skipton, North Yorkshire

"Just wanted to thank you so much for Saturday night. Dame Edna was awesome and the best part of the evening for me. Everybody loved her and thought she was soooo funny!! I'm now trying to think of another reason for a party so I can invite her back!!! I can't wait to see the video of the ceremony. I keep remembering things she said and laughing out loud in the street!"
- Jo Underwood, Broadstairs, Kent